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A dance step associated with locking created by James Higgins AKA " The Original Skeeter Rabbit" in the early 1970s this step is a hop and shuffle step done in most locking or campbellocking routiness
we were doing the skeeter rabbit
by greg pope December 17, 2004
oldschool term, comes from the early 70s locking dance scene, good dancing or locking also means to leave a location, or to do something in a hurry
1, he was really booking thats why he won the dance contest.
2.After the show he had to book
3. he must have been in a hurry. he was booking around the corner
by greg pope December 17, 2004
to do something good or to defend oneself well
man I saw the show the dancers were throwing down

when they got mad it turned into a real throw down
by greg pope December 17, 2004

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