2 definitions by greg "slap the donald"masina

aka slap the donald.
phrase commonly referred to as smoking weed.
slap as in smoke. don or donald as in weed.
a simple yet sly phrase to use in public.
great for people with pot smoking experience
-yo sexy greg, you got any donald
--yo fugly faggot with a hot mom, yeah , you wanna slap the don?
-yeah i wanna slap it silly!
by greg "slap the donald"masina August 14, 2007
commonly reffered to as 'smoke' usually weed
used everywhere and anywhere to diguise the word smoke

yo gm motors, you up to slap?
- yeah KAlifornia bitch, i'd love to slap!
i'm talking about don , you know ?
_ yeah boi! i know!
by greg "slap the donald"masina August 14, 2007

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