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synonym for sweet or cool. above money but below unstoppable
holy shit, these wings are powerhouse!
by Greg March 13, 2004
good for randomn insults and shouting out to confuse people

can also be used in 1337, with zeros, if something is crap.


Oh n03e5! th4t fuck1n9 b1tch 15 t3h b0n0r!!!!!
Teacher: Mitch, what's 4) f)

Child: hmmmm... BONOR!
by greg November 20, 2003
runescape is a massively multiplayer online rpg (MMORPG) that sets the mood for a medeival time frame, and gives you skills to improve, quests to beat, etc. (i pretty much think you get the point). like everyone else has already stated, this game is very good at drawing you in, and noone knows why because the graphics are piss poor. Basically, a runescape is a game that has most people playing it, like diablo "did" (lolz), and draws you in the minute you get past the tutorial island. i only recommend this to people who have nothing else in there schedule and, overall, have absolutely NO LIFE. that is all... :)
"i dont know whats wrong; first, runescape, with its crappy graphics, just blows my mind, and then the red sox win the world series?!?!?!? PINCH ME PLEASE!"
by greg March 23, 2005
Literally, a queef from the female rectum; similar to a fart, but less amusing. Figuratively, and much more common, continual and uninteresting chatter.
Oh man, she just quaffed for the whole evening.
by greg February 10, 2005
a more derogatory form of jew, used when trying to make a jew seem worse than it is, see jew and this is worse
dan is such a stupid joo
by greg February 12, 2005
Sack of Wine is another way of calling someone a twat or retard!
Word originates from the film Troy, Brad pitt uses this word towards a soldier
U Sack of wine, Why Did you do that?
by Greg November 23, 2004
Another form of gay, or homosexual. Commonly used as an insult.
You like the man butt often don't you?
by Greg August 28, 2003

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