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A fake albino boy.
Pich's hair looks like my grandma's.
by Greg October 20, 2003
To provide illegal drugs to someone without charging a handler's fee. (i.e. if one can get an eight of marijuana for 20 bucks, one would then sell it to one's friends for the same price, hooking them up)
You can get schwag for 15$ an eighth? Woah dude, hook me up!
by Greg August 07, 2003
a big sloppy pussy
My cock splashed into her wopper.
by Greg January 07, 2004
like a P.I.M.P, holla
by Greg October 28, 2003
Awesome, a most richeous thing, cool, mondo, da bomb, just so damn powerpuff!
Dude, that is just so powerpuff.
by Greg July 30, 2003
"To be on someone's jock". Trying to hook up with them.

Sarcastic: Kissing someon's ass.
What happened with that chick the other night? She was jocking you pretty hard.

I can't stand that kiss ass. He's always jocking people more popular than him.
by Greg April 01, 2005
Taylor Moad, Jeff's sister
Taylor Moad is a SILF
by Greg February 16, 2005

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