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3 definitions by greenradioactive

When the female (or male if that's your deal)is sleeping, you carefully crouch over their face. Simply lower your balls on to ( or into) their sleeping mouth. When they wake up, You shout, "BREAKFAST"
My girlfriend was snoring, so I gave her the old Two-Egg Breakfast.

German Knuckle Cake Superman Snot totties
by greenradioactive March 02, 2009
8 2
wildly biting the skin between the pussy and asshole. Usually performed in retalliation for a scrape or poorly performed blow-job.
She scraped me during our 69, so I gave her the old, "south-american guche piranna".!
by greenradioactive March 02, 2009
1 0
penile euphamism: simply means penis. However the reaction when used is suprisingly better than using "cock" or other slang terms.
I asked her if she wanted to see my one eyed chineese milk dragon,

' " yeah, I'd give her the old one eyed chineese milk dragon!".
by greenradioactive March 02, 2009
3 7