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Sayeh is someone who you can always trust. Her outgoing attitude may make you think otherwise, but she never tells anything. She is gorgeous. Occasional freckles, brown eyes, brunette, sexy body, tan, and perfect. BEAUTIFUL smile. Her positive attitude and radiance can brighten anyone's day. Incredible kisser. Passionate. If she cares about someone, she will tell them. Likes a guy who cares about her and makes the first move. Once you hurt her, you are done. And if she isn't accepted, she doesnt care. She doesnt point out flaws, because she finds no point. She makes wise decisions. People around her encourage her to do bad things, but she has never accepted. She has more common sense than anyone. Isn't a big reader. But tries to excell in school even if its hard. Generally a soccer player, modest about her incredible skill and speed. Can kick your ass and doesnt give payback only if it is 100% needed. Really funny. She is so confident and secure about herself that her amazing personallity just comes with the package. Dont get on her bad side, trust me. NEVER make the mistake of losing her because she is really hard to get back. Ideal for Long-Term relationships, and does only what is needed. Whoever meets her, automattically falls head over heels.

She is perfect in every way, and if you dont believe this...than im sorry, you're an idiot.
"Damn. That girl is fine. And i can talk to her about anything. I love my sayeh."
by greenmonkeyssuckbut December 02, 2010

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