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1. A portion of something that ruins the whole that it is a part of; especially after an initial period of apparent harmony.

2. A person who suffers from avarice, jealousy and megalomania simultaneously.
1. The reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire are numerous, but one of the most significant factors was the internal conflict between its elite during Late Antiquity. You could say they were the Mike Love of the Empire.

2. Paris Hilton is the Mike Love of the 21st century.
by greenlectern May 17, 2009
A shit which leaves behind no trace. When you wipe your arse you find that it's clean, and when you look in the toilet nothing is there. You're left wondering if you actually had a shit.
- I had a shit perfecto this morning. My arse was as clean as a polished sixpence.
- That's nothing. I had a phantom shit perfecto earlier. I didn't even have to flush.

- In heaven, every shit is a shit perfecto.
by greenlectern September 01, 2010
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