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a female who gives blowjobs to many different men.
she usually gets right to it.
unfortuneately, bops usually don't swallow so they get a facejob.
person A: ayo did you hear about tommy?
person B: oh that he got sucked by that dumb bop, isabella?
person A: yeeaah i heard she didnt swallow
person B: whatta hoe.
person A: she gets around.
by greencatz July 15, 2009
to ejaculate on a woman or man's face after getting head (a blow job)

it is common if he/she is not willing to swallow.
one would essentially pay the woman or man sucking his dick for not swallowing.
pete: dude guess what?
pete: last night i gave that mean girl, christina, a face job cause she wouldnt swallow my cum
johnny: she deserved it.
by greencatz July 09, 2009
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