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Irish origin.Another word for leprechaun ,similar to dwarf but smaller.
The Bono does not like to be called small so wears 12 inch heals to hide his diminutive size.
Those oompa loompa's look like little Bono's!!!!
by greenben101 June 25, 2009
Thin drawn on fake eyebrows,usually of a different colour to natural hair colour and look nothing like real eyebrows.
That woman looks strange,oh she's got minnow brows,thats why!
by greenben101 January 30, 2010
A fair minded determined leader who pissed off the Bush administration by
1.Getting elected by the people without rigging it
2.putting issues of poverty and education high on agenda
3.Having a national resource(oil)
Who does Hugo Chavez think he is?Using money from petroleum to combat poverty and build schools instead of handing it over to the U.S.?hOW DARE HE!!!!!!
by greenben101 January 30, 2010

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