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n. The location immediately east of continental New York. It is a fish-tail shaped island 118 miles long that nestles the eastern shore of Manhattan. Composed of 4 major counties: Nassau (Western LI) and Suffolk (Eastern LI) as well as Kings and Queens Counties which are also geographically located on the Republic of Long Island. More commonly known as simply Brooklyn and Queens (respectively), they they are often referenced as part of "The City" (as they are 2 of the 5 NY boroughs). "The Republic" terminology comes from the fact that many Long Islanders believe they are separate from the United States, and independent country, if you will, and it is a humorous spin on the idea that Long Island is so vastly different that it makes up its own country. Citizens of The Republic of Long Island are often obsessed with their upbringing, sometimes trying to act as though they are "gangsta" when they are really not, and often reference their proximity to New York City ("The City").
"I'm from The Republic of Long Island, formerly known as Long Island, about 55 miles east of New York City."
by greenalicious March 02, 2009
n. : A typo made while texting the word "Cute" and actually typing "Xute" which actually means: Excessively Cute.
Jen (texting): "Tom is so xute!"
Mary (texting): "wth is xute?"
Jen (texting): "Sry meant 2 say cute but typed xute..Excessively cute!"
Mary (texting): "O ur right! he is so xute!"
by greenalicious March 01, 2009
n. When a person is multitasking excessively and their leg randomly shakes, twitches or moves uncontrollably. Typically occurs when there is very little time to complete said multi-tasks in. Can typically drive someone crazy, or increase inaccuracy of completing a task. Ususally occurs when the individual is working on multiple projects on a computer, hence the name "Computer Leg Dance".
When Kevin was trying to finish his Biology paper on time, his leg did the Computer Leg Dance as the clock inched towards the deadline.
by greenalicious March 12, 2009

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