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An animal, about the size of a large cow, native to the planet Char in the StarCraft universe. Each ragnasaur has only two legs, which end in large, tough three-toed feet that it uses both to hold itself up and to move around and a thick tail that drags on the ground. They are the only large animal native to Char, and evolution on the hostile, volcanic planet has made them extremely tough and quite strong. However, they are docile by nature, eating mostly plants, and will usually run away from a fight.

Ragnasaurs are one of six critters available in the StarCraft map editor, and are designed for use on the ash world tileset.
That ragnasaur is causing a traffic jam between my barracks and my bunker. Okay, time to get some marines and blow it away so my units can move properly.
by green_meklar October 16, 2006
Short for 'crossbow', usually used in the context of RPGs or FPSes in which such weapons are used. It is a typing abbreviation and thus is most often seen under conditions either where fast typing is more important than accurate spelling or where the people talking are just lazy typists. The spelling comes from the idea that the letter 'x' looks like a cross and thus replaces the syllable 'cross' in the original word (much like the more common 'xing' for 'crossing'). It is usually pronounced either 'CRAWS-boe' (ignoring the spelling change) or 'EHX-boe' (pronouncing the 'x' by its letter name).
Player 1: dude, the zombie leader dropped me an uber xbow!!!
Player 2: omg give plz!!11

Player 1: *kills Player 2 with a crossbow*
Player 2: omg no fair u used xbow script u haker
Player 2: *leaves the game*
Player 1: lol noob
by green_meklar January 23, 2008
Short for 'arcology', itself a word invented by architect Paolo Soleri as a combination of the words 'architecture' and 'ecology' and which refers to the theory of building large, self-contained structures for human habitation. 'Arco' is usually used in the context of SimCity 2000, a computer game in which the player can build arcologies, which are enormous, odd-looking, highly expensive structures that can contain thousands of people inside them. Three of the four arcologies in SimCity 2000 (the plymouth arcology, forest arcology and launch arcology) are often named using the word 'arco' in place of 'arcology', while the fourth simply adds the letter 'd' to the word 'arco' to form 'darco' (which the game states is an acronym for Deurbanized ARcological COnstruct).
For arcologies in general:
Getting to the arcos is easy, all you have to do is make a flat city, turn disasters off and then build.

For a specific type of arcology:
I don't make forest arcos, they don't have enough population to be worth it. I always go for launch arcos instead.
by green_meklar March 03, 2008

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