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A term used by Frat idiots and most others acquainted with Frats and sport buffs. Most commonly spotted; white males that wear white college hats that say funny mascots on them, often worn backwards. You can spot them at parties, usually wearing a greek letter on a T-shirt and drinking natural light beer, yelling loudly and accompanied by retarded soroity girls also blabbing. Stoners & Tweakers have been known to use this term too
Sup Brahhhhh!
Nothin' dude! Sup with you Brahhhhh!
Duuuuude I just smoked this blunt Brahhhh!
Yeahhhh Brah Doggggg!
Fuuuucccckkkk Yeahhhhh!! Gimmie another beer Brahhhhhh! Yeahhhh Go Texas Dude Brahh!
by greeklifeblowsknob! January 17, 2005

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