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Greebos dnt all smoke or self harm!! most just feel much comfortable in loose baggy jeans n lyk 2 support their favourite bands unlike townies who support their favourite brands or how many weeks pregnant they are!!
Female greebos often prefer 2 hang around sk8prks wid der m8s checkin out fit sk8ers, which hapen 2 b so much hotter den townies!! they wear loose baggy trousers, sk8 shus, stripy sox, baggy t-shirts, hoodies n if dey can b arsed a beenie!!
Male greebos wear similar style clothes n would probably b seen on a BMX or tryin 2 sk8bord!!
mny ppl av called me a greebo n i wouldnt say we fink we're betta den evry1 else we just dnt lyk bein catagorised we lyk da same kinda clothes sk8as wear but most dnt sk8..
would u lyk 2 b followed dwn a street havin abuse shouted at u coz of wot u wear?!?! nope dint fink so n dis is wot we get from dickhed townies hu r well 'ard!!!
Townie: Hey a new target
Greebo: WOT THE FUCK?!?!
Townie: u startin?
Greebo: no thnx ur alrite
Townie: hey ma homies we got sum goff
Townie: move n ur ded
*townie wlks off 2 get his homies*
Greebo: cyaz i'll b bk in an hr!!! ya stupid dickhed
by greebo_aka_townie_h8a November 22, 2004
they go around towns n cities in groups as big as der homies aka blazin' squad n so solid crew. they tke da piss outa NORMAL ppl such as greebs, sk8as n goths n ne1 wid a life, sense of humour, n friends!!! lol, this always becomes clear wen dey wlk past u tlkn lyk deyve been smaked in da face wid a fryin pan (do u av 2 spell evryfin 2 dem?!?!) n lookin lyk it 2!!!
male townies: normally act well 'ard n av der heads shaved in order 2 get street cred (hahaha my arse) from der 'friends' which they av worked so hard to impress (accumplished by either stabbin sum1, smashin sum random persons hed in or gettin sum 12yr old girl pregnant)!!
female townies: wear as much makeup and branded 'sport' gear as they can with the money thier parent/s (dad probably locked up in prison or legged it 2 the otha end of da country in order 2 neva b seen by da motha afta a quickie in da bk of his dads car) scabbed of the council. most clothes bought from a charity shop, market or passed dwn from der older sis or bro who will b da 1 kicken ur hed in coz der younger sibling cant do it!! i'm surprised townies actually have ears coz of da size of earings dey wear i fought dey would rip!! (ohwell as long as it causes dem lots of pain) how many times a wk do they wash their hair n face?? wid the ammount of stuff dey cake themselves in its hard 2 figure out how it actually cums off!!! most find it easier 2 get a townie b/f by dyeing their hair blonde but missing all of the roots so there the original color fuckin pointless!!!!!!!
all townies wear da big puffa jackets, tracksuits, brite white trainers, burberry shit, stupid baseball caps, miniskirts aka belts(girls), high heels, knee high boots, tops which dnt cova nefin n speak in a unidentified language consisting of init m8, fook, s**t, c**t, b*****d, m**a f**k n d**k so much more could b added
wot dya call a townie in a metal box??

wot dya call a townie in a filing cabinet??

wot dya call a townie hu worships da devil??

wot dya call a townie on a bike??

wot dya call a townie in a sk8prk??

wot dya call a townie in a box??
by greebo_aka_townie_h8a November 21, 2004

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