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Something that occurs when you are about to tweet. You look at the question "What are you doing?" and realize that the answer is truly nothing. And just before you type something insanely ridonkulous, Twitter Block makes you leave the computer or hit a toolbar key.
Fred: What are you doing?

Steve: I'm just staring at the screen. I want to twitter something but I've got nothing.

Fred: You've got Twitter Block, man. Just forget about it.
by greatlakestony May 13, 2009
Often referred to as reality T.V., it's a T.V. show that is supposed to be "real" people living "real" life but fails miserably at its objective.
guy: Did you see that reality show where that girl did that thing?

girl: You mean that unreality show where that hired actress read that script?

guy: yeah that's what I meant.
by greatlakestony August 05, 2009
an instagram post that is all words. otherwise known as a wordpic.
dude: "this instagram post is a famous quote in white letters with a black back ground."

other dude: "that's a tweegram, dude."
by greatlakestony January 16, 2014
when a baby is playing with a cell phone and dials the number of an unsuspecting contact.
Steve: Hey, did you call me last night?
Krista: No, sorry. My baby dialed you when she got a hold of my cell phone.
Steve: OK cool, later.
by greatlakestony March 14, 2010
Something really cool that happens in nature.

person1: Look at those squirrels gettin' it on...

person2: wonder if they're in love...

person1: naturific anyway.


Laying in the sun all day while smoking weed is very naturific.
by greatlakestony June 24, 2009
the bubbles of doughy air that you sometimes see when first opening a pizza box.
I want the piece with the pizza bubbles!!!
by greatlakestony November 20, 2009
the clean shaven area just under the lip. It is often surrounded by a goatee or found below a cookie duster.
shave off that soul patch bro, the soulless patch is the way to go.
by greatlakestony August 30, 2009

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