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5 definitions by great_write_whale

To dispose of a lot of garbage a bit at a time (in a trickle).

Many municipalities limit the amount of garbage a household can put on the curb each week. A homeowner can dispose of construction waste by renting a dumpster or they can frugally put one bag of the construction waste out each week.

Of course, garbickling saves money but the backlog of waste tends to annoy the spouse.
I am too cheap to rent a dumpster so I am going to garbickle that old drywall.

The neighbor always has an extra bag at the curb; I think he's a garbickler.

They are always bickering about his garbickling.

by great_write_whale April 12, 2009
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A narrow pedestrian path through a snow bank over the curb. Typically, just the width of a boot.

Snow plows move snow to banks beside the road and sidewalks are shoveled but pedestrians crossing the road are often forced to trample their way through the snow bank. To avoid getting a boot full of snow, people will walk in the footsteps created by others who have gone before creating an ad hoc curb canyon.

In the spring when snow is melting curb canyons crop up as people prefer pioneering a new route over the snow bank rather than the pool of frigid water that can accumulate at official crossing points.
Crossing Bloor St, people walked single file through the curb canyon.
by great_write_whale April 12, 2009
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When info about a friend slips out to another friend with unintended consequences. Typically via social networking sites.
An example of friend leakage:

Joe commented on Jane's status: that was a great time last night

Judy: WTF, Joe, you and Jane went out last nite!?
by great_write_whale May 13, 2010
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A reel of flat magnetic media (often in a cassette package). Used for recording audio or video.
He recorded the birthday party on a miniDV video tape.
by great_write_whale June 01, 2013
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Something a douchebag would do.
It was very douchebaggerous when he wrote his phone number on an ATM receipt for that girl.

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by great_write_whale December 16, 2009
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