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A morphed form of prick and bitch. Proper usage would be in a situation wherein the gender of the insultee cannot be easily determined.
"I was driving home today, doing a zipping 75, and this pritch cuts me off before our exit ..."
by graysocksgirl December 29, 2004
Popularized by people who spend too much time on www.urbandictionary.com defining and re-defining words when they could be doing more worthwhile things. This word has now come to mean a generic sort of goofing off.
Sam: "What you doin'?"
Bill: "Nothin'. Just urbandickin' around on the internet."
by graysocksgirl December 25, 2004
Stoned sex. Word origin: 420 (code for marijuana) + 69 (code for sex).
"Duuuude, the 42069 with that chick after you smoked us out was awesommmme!"
by graysocksgirl December 25, 2004
The sensation created by just the right amount of wasabi with your sushi. Word origin: sushi + orgasm = shorgasm
"Oh yesssssssss! I just had a shorgasm with my last piece of sushi."
by graysocksgirl December 23, 2004
A member of a Southern US region that is both Caucasian and economically challenged. Usually armed with Big Gulps, they are seen holding hands strolling around Walmart on first dates, have a missing and/or discolored tooth or two, with hair in a mullet, and jeans buckled tightly considerably above the waist (metaphorical antonym: urban hipster). Women wear a bright red color on their lips, men wear a Newport cigarette behind their ears.
White trash trashing white trash: "He don't know she's white trash!"
by graysocksgirl December 22, 2004
Used to express the triad of emotions that accompany AWW SHUCKS (disappointment), THAT SUCKS (polite indignation), and FUCK (impolite indignation).
1. That guy I dated really made me go like "Shuck!".
2. No sex tonight? Shuck!
by graysocksgirl December 26, 2004

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