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(n) Used in allegorical stories and anecdotes. Local legend has it the burnt-orange couch was discovered in a field somewhere in Northern Canada one summer. In the process of transporting this large burnt-orange piece of ratty furniture, it crossed several freeways on the heads of two adolescent devotees, floated gently through road-side ditch water, and ended up on the ground floor patio of a condo. There it stayed, alternately sat on, admired, and cursed, until the local authorities deemed it unfit to remain, at which point it was carried solemnly to a distant field and deposited gently among the small prairie creatures and discarded rubbish of an abandoned construction site. Rumor has it the burnt-orange couch can be seen from the road as a burnt-orange glow in a field near the northern edge of Grande Prairie, Alberta. 55°11'38.55"N, 118°48'8.06"W
"Did you see the coffee pot I found out behind work today? It's almost as good as the burnt-orange couch!" (Everyone removes hats in reverence)
by graybayou February 01, 2011
(n); Mental disorder, PAE. Can become Chronic (CPAE), or Acute (APAE) depending on the strength of the associated urges. PAE in males is marked by a desire to be measured for clothes by an attractive young woman followed by a subsequent arousal due to the close proximity of her hands to the patient's genitalia. PAE is a replacement form of escapism where otherwise an extramarital affair or midlife crisis would have been the only other available options.
Tom: "Where did Mike go?"
Harry: "He went to get measured for suit pants again."
Tom: "Again? He must have some serious chronic pervestis arousal escapism."
Harry: "It seemed pretty acute this morning, he was practically grabbing himself."
by graybayou April 26, 2011

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