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A strange creature with weak body armour and has a funny walk. It looks dangerous because it has weapons on the end of its foremost arms but these can easily be overcome by common sense. It can't read, write or talk properly because it is a crustacean....

Does that sound anything like the vast majority of authors for the definition of "Crab", and the ones to whom they apply their definitions??
Lol @ the gang war going on on UD. Fighting it out using dictionary definitions, real tough!

Of course, I have full respect for the actual crabs out there under rocks and in the sea and such.
by gratedraindrop February 22, 2007
1) The abstention from drinking, smoking, all the usual vices, in order to retain purity etc etc etc.

2) A lifestyle choice, followed from the moment one makes the life-changing decision, to the day they die. These followers of straight edge are the ones that command respect or at least acknowledgement for their choice.

3) The latest craze for all the really cool kids who think that by doing it, they transcend coolness itself into a realm that only enlightened ones can reach. They do this all just by painting Xs on their hands and not talking to anyone with un-painted hands.

4) A cool way of denying that you physically can't drink or smoke etc because you're too young.
1) Straight edge. Very noble and respectable when followed properly.

2) "That guy over there? He's straight edge, but he won't shove that fact in your face, 'cause he realises that it's his own choice. He's committed too, so all respect to him!"

3) "That guy over there? He's straight edge... though you can probably already tell that by either the sense of smug self-satisfaction written all over him, or by his thousand little ways of showing you that he's straight edge. He doesn't have a clue!"

4) "That guy over there? He's straight edge. He doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or have sex. He doesn't even masturbate. He's 14... But by god is he straight edge!"
by gratedraindrop February 20, 2007
The Bank of Mum and Dad:
n. Money acquired from one's parents that doesn't have to be repaid... or the borrower doesn't intend to repay even if they are supposed to.

Said in a smug way by the people who use the 'bank', as they think they've got free money from their parents.

However, the parents know it exists and use the phrase in an annoyed kind of way... Like they know that the BoMaD exists and that it isn't right, but they can't do anything about it.

The BBC programme of the same name showed that the BoMaD can last well into a person's 40s, provided their parents are still alive.
Person 1: "Hey man, you coming out tonight??"
Person 2: "Hmm I dunno, I've no bus money or money for drinks or money for a brand new and expensive outfit or money to spend on other people or money to pay the strippers with or money to buy fat cigars or money to get a limo home with..."
Person 1: "Bank of mum and dad, man!"
Person 2: "Oh yeah! You're on then!"
by gratedraindrop February 22, 2007
n. English Prep/Preps.
A person (male) who:
- follows the latest fashions;
- is slightly effeminate/metrosexual but likes to put out a masculine front;
- is in the middle-upper socio-economic class;
- displays ignorance to, and fear of, AND discrimination towards, anything that does not concern them... i.e. other cliques, "geek" stuff, other fashions, basically everything the media does not perpetuate as "cool";
- Usually has many of the latest and most expensive material possessions kindly provided by the bank of mum and dad, before any of their peers have them: These things include laptops, cars, phones, cameras, clothes;
- Wear plenty of pastel colours, ripped jeans, spiky hair, striped jumpers, polo shirts, and anything else in the same kind of category. Freshboy clothing stores often "cherry-pick" various other fashion types for things that they can water down and market to Freshboys.

As said in a definition for Prep, these people will grow up to be usually ignorant, closed-minded country club patrons, who think they know it all yet haven't a clue.

Having said that, there are some Freshboys that are genuinely nice, and only dress like a Freshboy because in actual fact the dress sense (in moderation) is perfectly fine.

The bottom line? They are basically wealthy chavs. They often have the same mentality (Idiots who question who you are, why you aren't like them and, in a Freshboy's case, why you aren't as good as them).

adj. "Freshboy"
Adjective to describe an item of clothing marketed towards the Freshboy clique. Often the wearer of an item that they themselves describe as "Freshboy" is not a Freshboy.

Again, the Freshboy style is acceptable in moderation but do expect some light jibing if you buy some Freshboy clothing and tell your non-Freshboy mates about it!
"This place is absolutely full of bloody Freshboys!"
"Yeah I know, let's get out of here before their inflating egos crush us."

"Hey! Look at this Freshboy scarf I bought at the weekend!"
"Hahahaha, 'Freshboy'..."
"So what? I think it looks good! My girlfriend likes it!"
"Whatever you say, Freshboy!"

Freshboy clothing- for England, read: Lacoste, USC, FCUK, Burberry, Diesel and more.
by gratedraindrop February 22, 2007
As stated before, a good example of English Selective Britishness is the use of country names in wins/losses in sport (England won, Britain lost/Britain won, Scotland lost)... Yet it works both ways!

For example, in a recent Televised poll, many (NOT all, I'm not generalising!) Scots said they want all ties to be cut from England, to preserve Scottish heritage etc... Yet these same people expect Scottish TV presenters etc. to remain presenting English TV!?
Scotland is currently still part of Britain, hence their own ability to display traits of Selective Britishness... That's not to say England isn't guilty!

Let's keep Britain firmly in place... it means more public holidays for both countries! :D
by gratedraindrop February 20, 2007
The bit between closing the deal and her holding up her end of the deal. A necessary evil.
"Hey, I was thinking we could go out for dinner and then maybe back to mine for some steamy sex?"

"Oooh, sounds good... you forgot to mention the foreplay though!"

"No, no I did not."
by gratedraindrop October 04, 2008

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