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The offspring produced when Bourbonator and The Bear's love for each other progresses to a magical place of desire and stench known as Asstralia, where balls and ass come together as one, its joyous event for these two.
Bourbonator and Bear decided to go to Asstralia for their honey moon. Bear took the test upon return TWO PINK LINES! YAY!!! 9 months later, behold... The BEARBONATOR!!!
#barebonator #barebuns #bearbie #bearasstralia #bears
by grasshoppers of florida March 06, 2008
V. The process of sticking a straw so far up your pee hole you could suck out your own semen??
Bourbonater got lonely and thirsty one rainy evening and used a Capri sun straw to go CornSucking.
#cornsucking #cornsucker #cornpone #cornchili #cornass
by grasshoppers of florida March 05, 2008
A master of all things Fat and Ugly.
The Bourbonator over there was slammin down some mississippi planter punch when he noticed the bear. She was a handsome bear i tell ya, all of about 350lbs. Mean too, which is what attracted the Bourbonator! She was sippin on an Alabama Slammer, it was love at first site, 9 months later, the Bearbonator was born!
#bearbonator #burbonator #burboonator #burbon #burbone
by grasshoppers of florida March 06, 2008
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