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2 definitions by grangeboismassif

A boy or girl in theirn teenage years. Tyrers can be seen wearing clothes worn by people 10 years ago and smoking copious amounts. They have no real conception of other people's emotions or feelings and the few times they do they do not care about them. They persist in making jokes and behaving like a "goon".
Mindy: Hey cindy, what's that over there?
Cindy: Oh that's Alex, Mindy, he's such a tyrer.
by Grangeboismassif July 19, 2009
A "Yeahmate" is a posh boy, who acts like a posh knob. Commonly seen wearing Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo with his jeans below the standard position of a boy or man. His reply to most questions end in mate. E.G "Mate did you see the ass on that yat?" "Yeah mate, it was sweeeet mate"
Donovan "Oi, look at that yeahmate"
Marco "He's a right twat. Proper yeahmate and all"
by grangeboismassif July 19, 2009