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3 definitions by grammarnazi

Verb- Star blazing is the act of star gazing when you are either getting high or already high. It is not limited to just looking at the stars it could involve discussing the solar system, aliens or other things involving space.
Dude lets roll a J and go star blazing in the park
by Grammarnazi August 31, 2013
obscure term for non-perishable items (e.g. canned goods or spices)
invitation: "please bring a pantry item."

reader: "A... what?!" O-o
by grammarnazi August 25, 2004
(adj) a cross between "ghetto" and "retro". Used to describe something both old and of ghetto quality. Often consists of large amounts of duct/masking tape. Rust, tears, rot, and/or ancient stains abound. Not cool enough to be "vintage".
Big Ned: "Duude, did you see that hobo's cardboard box? That thing's ghetro."

Lil' Ned: "Yeah, well, yo' momma is ghetro."

Big Ned: "YO' momma!"

Hobo: *picks up box and some change-of-address forms*
by grammarnazi August 25, 2004