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odd or absurd, from suspicious.
"Jay just walked into the party with Kirstyn!"
"But I thought he was with Kailey?"
"How spish!"

"Oh my gosh. That creepy man staring at us from across the street is so spish."
by gracie chimes June 08, 2009
(noun) when you are spying on someone by driving by their house, and unfortunately, they live on a cul-de-sac, you have to turn around in a cul-de-creep
"Dammnit! I didn't realize they lived in this neighborhood. I hope they don't see us as we turn around in their cul-de-creep."

"Why is Bob turning around by our house? Drive-by? Or cul-de-creep? How spish."
by gracie chimes June 09, 2009
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