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A muntjac is a vampire baby deer goat thing. It is so freaking adorable that you want to squeeze it every time you see it. Just squeeze.
go to google and type in muntjac, and see for yourself.
by gracey321 April 25, 2011
Leuge (lee-OO-ge)


1. The way you are feeling, whether a good or bad leuge

2. A sort of springyness in an oldster

Adjective (Leugy)

3. Moody; unsettled

4. Feeling an array of emotions you don't really want to talk about
1. Frederick: Mann, what's your leuge today?

Lucy: Pretty suckish, you?

2. Frederick: Look at that old lady's leuge! She's so hyper!

Lucy: Yeah, I've never seen such a leuge. She must be happy.

3. "Man, am I leugy. I'm just like a rollercoaster today!!"

4. Frederick: Lucy, ma girl, how you doin??

Lucy: Leugy.

Frederick: Ahh. I see.
by gracey321 April 25, 2011

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