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2 definitions by gracemaverick

Kronging, verb; to krong, kronged
kronging is the act of rigging a portable air horn so the button stays down and then tossing it on a roof or otherwise hard to reach area of someone's house/work/etc.

can be combined with porning
Dude I totally kronged the principals house last night!


Hey man I was out kronging the other night and we got chased by the cops, noise ordinance my ass!
by gracemaverick January 27, 2008
Porning; verb

The act of plastering a home, apartment, work cubicle or car with pornography, to the hilarity, dismay or embarrassment of the owner.

often combined with kronging
Oh man we totally porned my ex's house last night, then we tossed a krongp-bomb on her roof.

Hey lets go porning and hit up your boss's house!
by gracemaverick January 27, 2008