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Describes someone who is so far beyond ugly, they are fuckin' ugly.
That new chick at school is fugly!
by gqmetalhead August 08, 2005
Indescribably increadable band, there pain is my pain
Mushroomhead fans are way fucking cooler than slipknot fans!

BTW i added i kick ass mushroomhead wallpaper i made for all you hardcore mushroomhead fans out there
by gqmetalhead August 14, 2005
A female who has a great body but an ugly ass face.

Everything looks good butterface.
Dude #1 "What do you think about that chick?"

Dude #2 "Her body's nice, but she's kind of a butterface."

Dude #1 "Yeah, but I'd do her if she wore a bag over her head!"
by gqmetalhead August 10, 2005

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