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12 definitions by gp

(Ireland) an obnoxious, agressive woman, a bitch
Our new boss is a right wagon!
by gp April 21, 2005
162 54
Incredibly large, voluptuous breasts.
Wow, Pam Anderson had huge gazonga's.
by GP March 31, 2005
92 18
(Ireland) very, very drunk
After three naggins of vodka I was mouldy.
by gp April 25, 2005
66 12
to take a big crap
Man after that McDonalds I need to pitch a loaf
by GP February 03, 2004
78 40
A word made up by the great W13 so he doesn't have to have a proper reason to do things which affects many people.
W13: "You have been banned."
You: "Why?"
W13: "For unprotensenzelous reasons."
by GP December 22, 2004
41 8
This is an acronym S.H.R.N. which stands for "so hot right now". But the acronym can be used to describe anything that is hot right now and pronounced as "shern".
fuck, I'm shrn
oh god, Patrick is so not shrn
by GP April 26, 2005
42 20
An abbreviation of "too far" i.e. to take something too far. Also used to describe something that is over the top.
This action film is 2F!
by gp August 06, 2009
4 0