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1/ A very typical haunted house, generally categorized by ghosts, moving shadows, creaky staircases, paintings with eyes that follow you around the room and suits of armor that follow you every time you turn around.

2/ A haunted house that while it may be scary, scares you with nice things, such as a ghost jumping out and saying,"you are a great person" or "i hope you have a great day"
friend 1) hey, did you go through the haunted house at the carnival?
friend 2) yeah, i mean i was really scared until the first guy jumped out at me.
friend 1) why's that?
friend 2)he was too nice, all he did was compliment my hair.
friend 1) what a hallmark haunted house.
by gozainagi January 15, 2012
when a small group of people uses an excessive amount of memes or other computer specific terminology in open real world conversation often making it hard for others to follow the conversation.
friend 1) hey did you hear what that guy was saying?
friend 2) yeah but i didn't understand any of it.
friend 1) why not?
friend 2) dude! he was speaking in memebase, you know i don't keep up with that stuff
friend 1) me gusta, seriously? forever alone newfag can't triforce. awwwwww yeeeaaaa.
by gozainagi December 21, 2011
when a total shit storm of trolling hits a single person harder than anyone ever thought possible.
friend 1/ dude, oh ma fawking gawd last night was the worst.

friend 2/what happened?

friend 1/ i went on a troll site, i got win7, and bing put on my computer, not to mention all the damn pop ups, it was the freaking trollpocalypse.
by gozainagi January 09, 2012

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