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if you do an Adit you say something really funny and then pat yourself on the back and say 'good one adit'
this is followed by a mass hummus consuming sesh.
'i could really do with an adit right now'
'aaahh you did a right adit just then'
by gowriii_x October 11, 2009
This is where you casually state a joke, or fool an incredibly gullible person. Used widely in the north west, particularly in Lostock.
'I'll wap out an Adz'
'I full on just wapped out an Adz... and she fell for it. Classic'.
by gowriii_x June 16, 2010
Russian folk often rejected for being related to historical Russian Dictator Stalin, who turn up in clothing suitable to ten year olds, despite being well into their teenage years.
"Whoa, whats with the dubbster in the dumpster over there?!"
"Dubbster48? That is SO ten years ago"
"N Dubz? More like Finchy Stryder... N Dubbster"
by gowriii_x November 28, 2009

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