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Home to the hottest girls of the Santa Clarita Valley. These girls are the ones you find at "The Tables" most of them are slutty and will give you what you want. If you are not an "It" kid at this school stay far away from the "pretties". Not only do these girls look as hott as fuck, they have great personalities ( to the people they like) and they dress like they are in a designer fashion show everyday. There is one girl in each class who is basically a godess these are the most popular and hottest. If your not one of them, you wish you were, these are the girls that run the show.

guy one: hey didn't i see you in The Sports Illustrated catalogue?
a "Pretty": duhh, i go to valencia high school
guy one: want to go have sex in my car?
a "Pretty": i guess just don't cum on my Luis Vutton
by govikings April 14, 2009
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