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hi im a george bush,the biggest terrrorist ,i invade iraq 4 his oil only i kill many ppl there. isnt it gr8 tell me havent i terrorize ppl,i got wtc colloapsed and blame it on osama isnt it great so am i not terrorizer really im a real wicked perosn who only wants worldly benifits isnt it true
george bush is the biggests terrorist
by gothic baby October 15, 2006
pakistan is a very good country it have one of the largest mountains in the world,,its food are the most delicious food in the world,and its a muslim country,,with most beatiful ppl, most of the foriegner things our country is a terrorist supporting country my guess to u is if u havent seen any thing with ur eyes u cant judge juzz by freaking ppl who got into a lil prob and made it a issue u cant judge not all ppl in our country are same.PPL of one city may differ 4rm other..
pakistan is an very good and cool country who enjoys its freedom and doesnt care abt watt so ever
by gothic baby October 15, 2006
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