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A demon is a girl, who on the hotness scale can range anywhere from a 4 to an 7 but with the use of tricksy tactics can increase her image by 3 to 4 points!

Here are some useful tips to spot a demon.

1. Ask your friends, "is she hot?" If there is a general argument as to if she's hot or not, most likely she's a demon trying to break your friendship apart.

2. If she's wearing sunglasses, she's either trying to keep the sun out of her eyes or hide the fact that she's a demon. the latter statement is probably the most plausible. Remember the bigger the glasses, the more she's trying to hide.
3. This ones almost a dead giveaway every time. If the "Demon" in question is standing near a bunch of ugly chicks, she's trying to make herself look better.

Here are some tips to defeat demons.
1. This way is the best. Have a very beautiful woman with you at all times ( an Angle). the angle will vanquish the demon, and help demons stand out in crowds, for easy aversion.
2. Yell DEMON very loudly and run away. This will alert everyone around and the demon will be foiled, forcing it to practice its black magiks elsewhere.
3. Use common evil vanquishing tactics, i.e.: swords, silver bullets, garlic, etc.
4. Have a Worlock/Druid/Wizard. assist you. Worlcks/Druids/Wizards know spells to send the demon backeth weherth cometh.
-innocent young man:

Oh, i'm so stoked for mission trip, there will be so many babes.
-Innocent young man 2: i know right.
#mission trip begins#

innocent young man 1: there are no hotties on this trip what a rip off of $600
-Innocent young man2: I know right.
#3 days into mission trip#

IYM1: hey that babe is pretty bablisious right?
IYM2: no man she's just slightly better looking than all the other girls.
IYM1 and IYM2: .... (look at each other) DEMON!!!!
by gorillazzord August 29, 2010
This is when you go to the bathroom, than like 5-10 minuets later you have to go again. Upon doing said action one feels bad for the water they have just wasted.
I have to urinate again, but I'll feel "Flushremorse" for wasting water.
by gorillazzord October 02, 2010

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