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1. (n.) a place of great happiness where 3847353425872572365 editions of whopper are served by the whopper crew/team whopper in the whopper kingdom (a place created after a 5 hour conversation round a campfire in the New Forest with explorer scouts).
1. I'm going to The Whop Shop to try and collect all the Whoppers.
by gordo gay parade August 24, 2008
1. (n.) a burger served by Burger King.

2. (n.) a burger that will soon be served by The Whop Shop in the Whopper Kingdom ran by Team Whopper. It will come in over 384735348378429 different varieties including the Weatherman Whopper, the rare edition Wizard Whopper, and the it's-not-quite-right-but-we-love-it-anyway WArgos Whopper.
1. I am going to Burger King to get a Whopper.

2. I wish I had a Wizard Whopper from The Whop Shop.
by gordo gay parade August 24, 2008
1. (v.) to whop is to perform the actions of a Whopper. These actions can include whatever you believe a Whopper would do. Dripping fat, creating a feeling of nausea, and sitting doing nothing are all examples of somebody/something "whopping".

2. (n.) undefinable. Generally used in chants and mob-like behaviour.
1a. That boy is a whopper.
1b. I am whopping all over the place.

2. Can I get a WHOP WHOP?
by gordo gay parade August 24, 2008
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