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2 definitions by goose69

The act of drinking a beer without finishing it. 'A Cammo' is often identified while removing the empty bottles on the following morning and residual beer remains in one or more bottles. The person(s) executing 'A Cammo' are usually ridiculed for their lack of masculinity.
*Person 1 is cleaning up empty bottles in the morning and notices residual beer*
Person 1: "Fuck, it looks like Matt pulled A Cammo last night. What a fucking homo!"
by Goose69 June 20, 2013
the sexual act of pinning a girls hands down with heavy guitar amps,shoving a microphone into their mouth,and proceed to fuck them in the recording studio.Most commonly used on groupies.
Dude,that bitch wouldn't put out,so i showed her the Tina Turner,Ike Turner style baby!
by goose69 November 13, 2006