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To be socially awkward and incapable of even maintaining a conversation with a hyperactive 6 year old
I know you're afraid of black ppl and might sit there like silent night, but please don't pull-a-barber
#dunch #dunchess #sawkward #plunger #silent night
by goose1 September 09, 2007
When you eat another dudes asshole out using a spoon, fork, or other kitchen scraping device while under water in a bath tub or hot tub.
Diego is a Master Dredger.

Brenden was surprised to see the tub water brown after a vicious Dredging session.

Hey, wanna Dredge?
#dredge #dredging #dredger #dredged #master dredger #poop scooping #brown tub water
by Goose1 March 07, 2014
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