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A contemporary past-time where participants force the chin and neck into contorted positions, with the ultimate goal of creating as many extra chins as possible. 'Chinningers' (as practitioners of this hobby are known) will then often take photographic images of 'chinnings' in order to post publicly on the internet, using social media platforms such as facebook or twitter.
Dave: "Tell you what Steve, the muscles round the back of my head and neck smart somewhat."

Steve: "Why's that Dave? Sleep funny did you?"

Dave: "Hell no Steve, I was up all night chinning again! Don't really bother with sleep much since I discovered chinning. Might need a couple of rest days now though, think I may need to review my warm-up routine; can't be doing with missing out big chunks of the chinning season through injury again."
by goodoldjimgold July 12, 2012

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