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an unbelievable, horrid looking female being that could pass as an alien due to her bulging oversized eyes, crusty skin layers with crater-like puss bumps, sharp-chipped unkempt teeth (if any teeth), little to no head hair resembling strands, freakishly huge forehead and mansized feet with toes just as long as fingers with green oozing toejam
Woe! man run the other way!! here comes that sleazestack thats been trying to hit on me!
by Good Thang Man December 31, 2010
A time in the past.; days gone by; history; ancient times.
Guy 1: "I wonder what it was like before we had cellphones, email and texting?

Guy 2: "Man, i don't know! I wasn't born back in "dusty days". Thats waaaaay long before my time!
by Good Thang Man January 03, 2011
Gross, putrid,beyond cleanliness. the act of performing a dirty deed that even the most hardened and seasoned criminal or otherwise is even shocked.

in summary: nastified
Guy 1:Man after he was caught in the act , he
confessed to <.whisper-
in the gross act in guy1's
the ear..>
Guy 2: Man! he said that?! thats just wrong! He' sick! THAT'S some messed up 'nastification!
by Good Thang Man January 01, 2011
A slutty femail (or male if he takes it up the ass) who gets in the bed with just any dick and fucks more than eight guys a day. A boner-fied ho. A humping-heffer. A male that can take two or more dicks in his ass at one time.
Guy1: man! I was walking down Pokechop Street when this ho stuck her head out the screen-doe, nekkid to the world and drooling between the legs! Dat got me so horny I went into her apartment and doube tapped that bitch with some other dude.

Guy2: say what! Dude they calll that ho "Octopussy!" She'll hit anything that even 'looks' like a dick. they say she fucks up to eight times a day or more! Cant believe u hit that!and u touched another dudes junk inside that ho

Guy1: its all good, bruh! that octopussy was so loose , there was room foe five-or-six more dicks. Mmmm, it was al good.
by Good Thang Man July 02, 2011
Snagapus (snag-a-puss): one being caught, entangled, entrapment, confined, detained, locked, restricted to and hopelessly ensnarled by the pubic hairs to the nappy unkempted sweaty green-liquid emitting pubes of an ugly womans mangina after a very very horny drunken hump session.
Guy1: MAN! dont EVER drink shampipple when you are already horny and need something to hump!

Guy2: Why? what happened?

Guy 1: Dude i drank a whole 42oz while i was whackn, then next thang I know i woke sreamn mercy!!

Guy 2: WHYY!

Guy 1: Maaaan, i woke up humpn Nasty Nina! then tried to get away and my pubes and bawls got all snagged up into her infested puss hairs.

Guy 2: Dang man! that shit's leechie! dont you know not to hit that!? NEVER ever ever hump a "SnagaPus"!!
by good thang man March 03, 2011
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