2 definitions by gooch merchant

when u remove bacon fat from a rasher of bacon and push it in to the sphinceter until fully submerged. Then once the person who has received the bacon in their anus is about to ejaculate, u remove the bacon fat as fast as possible resulting in the ultimate orgasm.
"grandma doris why does this bacon taste like poo?"
"because me and your grandfather have just finished wolfganging."
by gooch merchant May 10, 2006
short for "helmet" helm is another word used for the head of the male penis. The helm if covered in foreskin, can cause smeg and nob cheese to form in sometimes copius amounts. if unsheethed the helm normally remains clean and can sometimes be pleasant to the touch.
"errrgh tom your lemon helm is covered in cheese"
"mmmm mr buntrock your unsheethed helm tastes great"
by gooch merchant May 29, 2006

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