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the sexual or erotic appeal of an older, nursing, or pregnant woman; the quality that makes mothers sexually attractive, usually including elements of nurturing, conservative dress, financial stability, and emotional stability.
This is not necessarily the predatory sexuality of the cougar, but something more everyday and domestic.
Literally: "mom-erotic."
All I want to do is kiss her while she cuts the crusts of her kids' peanut butter sandwiches. She's so momrotic!
A maternity dress that shows that much cleavage? You look totally momrotic.
by goobermandis August 22, 2010
to taft; to outdo, best, or somehow surpass (particularly in a hilarious way); to perform a superlative act of one-upmanship.

NB: Tafting often happens in threes, since Taft was the only President to have served in all three branches of government. To taft is also used only to describe substantial or hyperbolic events, since Taft himself was famously obese.
She took my money, she took my dog, and now she's dating my sister! I've been Tafted.
by goobermandis August 21, 2010

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