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A fancy schmancy audio company. Their headphones are pretty sweet and the sound cancelling tech is top nontch. But, for some reason, they seem to market primarily to the elderly. As a result, their products such as their Wave-Audio(radios with tubes-n-shit in them) tend to have heavily simplified controls, bland styling and automatic equalizer settings that only sound good with classical music. Despite having some good ideas Bose also is technologically conservative; with products not being MP3-capable years after everyone else is. Lasers used in CD players are also weak and cannot read through scratches that others could. Overpriced? Probably.
Those Bose wave music systems sound like shit when trying to play anything that uses "unnatural instruments" like synthesizers and electric guitars. That rules out like 75% of popular music. Wave radios sound good, but they don't sound 500 dollar-good. Mabye like 80 dollar good.
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
A fictional culture in Star Trek. True Trills consist of a humanoid host and a worm-like symbiote that lives inside the abdominal cavity. There are at least two traditional host species; other races such as Humans can only serve as a temporary hosts with medical assistance.

The host has the benefit of the symbiote's lifetime of wisdom and experiences through several previous hosts. Each symbiote has its own name, which becomes part of the host's identity. Joined trills have unique personalities blended from both beings.
Star Trek DS9 had two Trills among the main characters. Both Ezri and Jadzia were joined to Dax.
by gooberliberation October 24, 2005
A car preferred by middle aged women when they have their own mid-life crisis of sorts.

It handles pretty well too.
My mom got sick of the toyota and got a Miata because she wanted something cute and sporty.
by gooberliberation March 18, 2006
The dumbest fucking drug-related euphemism ever invented. It sounds pussy and scatterbrained, but hey, it is MDMA we're dealing with here.
What the fuck does thizz mean?!

Oh, you mean to say rollin??
by gooberliberation March 05, 2006

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