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An automobile component that can be found in virtually every car, foreign or domestic. Invented by Mortimer Ford(Henry Ford's illegitimate half brother or something), the hydroscillator's only known function is to allow vehicles to drive themselves in a semi-sentient manner. Although hydroscillator design varies, they are usually a fist-sized cylindrical device with two wires sticking out.

Featured on the ABC network expose' "When Cars Attack!"
Mechanic: "Well see here's your problem; your blinker fluid lines burst and shorted out the hydroscillator. While I was checking, I saw that your muffler bearings and flux capacitor needed replacing."
by gooberliberation April 03, 2007
A mixed drink consisting of Smirnoff twisted or similar mild malt beverage mixed with freshly cut watermelon juice. Named after a treehugger who suggested the mixture to remedy the nasty flavor of Black Cherry Smirnoff.

Serve on ice.
Fizzy Karens are not only perfect for lightweights because of the flavor and low alcohol content, but theyre also PIIIINK!!!!
by gooberliberation July 23, 2006
A particularly rude southeast asian woman; A woman who left her manners back in the jungle.
Fuck man, I'm never going out with Annabell Christina again, shes a total junglebitch!
by gooberliberation March 29, 2006
A brand of sneaker with a removable slick plastic plate in the soles, under the arch of the foot. The plate enabled the wearer to grind on rails and edges without the aid of skates or a board. Style-wise, they tended to be pretty chunky looking, similar to skate shoes, but were probably not as comfortible. They were cool for only a few months in 1998-99, but were popular enough to cause concern among parents and schools. Succeeded by Heelys a couple years later, which had heel-mounted weels and were uglier and even less comfortible. Soaps is now a defunct maker.
Haha, my cousin saved up for a vintage pair of Soaps and broke his jaw the first week after he got 'em!
by gooberliberation January 04, 2006
Phonetic Alphabet for "EB." Can be applied to any EB acronym, but usually means Ebay
I scored some comic books off Echo Bravo
by gooberliberation January 30, 2006
AKA The Diplomats.

Its what happens when crack babies and ritalin children grow up.
"Mom? Can I grow up to be a rapper?"
'No, Billy, because you don't know how to rhyme.'
"Oh mom! Don't be silly! I can just be like dipset."
by gooberliberation April 20, 2006
A fictional culture in Star Trek. True Trills consist of a humanoid host and a worm-like symbiote that lives inside the abdominal cavity. There are at least two traditional host species; other races such as Humans can only serve as a temporary hosts with medical assistance.

The host has the benefit of the symbiote's lifetime of wisdom and experiences through several previous hosts. Each symbiote has its own name, which becomes part of the host's identity. Joined trills have unique personalities blended from both beings.
Star Trek DS9 had two Trills among the main characters. Both Ezri and Jadzia were joined to Dax.
by gooberliberation October 24, 2005

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