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A basic piece of information any modern person should know.
That foo is so dumb, he don't even know what time it is!
by gonzobrains July 06, 2016
To commit a petty crime in order to easily return to jail. This practice is commonly done in order to take advantage of the benefits of free housing, meals, etc. provided while being incarcerated.
Yo, b, I had to throw a brick so I could take another year to get my shit together in the clink.
by gonzobrains January 30, 2012
An alternative activity available to those who are too poor and too unattractive to "Netflix and chill."
My man Dio ain't got no job and ain't got no girl. So that fool has to PBS and wank this Friday.
by gonzobrains August 13, 2016
Someone who naturalized into the United States (i.e. green card) and was not an American at birth. This person is only American because they got the papers (i.e. citizenship) via the naturalization process and not by birth.
Look at that snobby, unappreciative Indian woman. Reaping the benefits of America yet gives no respect to her fellow citizens. She's a typical paper American.
by gonzobrains March 06, 2015
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