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Republican+Teabagger=Republibagger. There is no need to differentiate between Republicans and Teabaggers--Teabaggers are just the same extremist Republicans that they've always been.
Did you see the Republibaggers at that rally on the news? They didn't have a single sign spelled right.
by gonepostal42 February 27, 2011
A superficial female yuppie archetype found in Scottsdale, AZ with fake tits who wants to look like a Barbie doll. Vapid expression and empty head are par for the course. Typically seen in Ugg boots and ridiculously big designer sunglasses. Found in trendy dance clubs, malls, and Starbucks. Fundamentally identical to a Lincoln Park Trixie.
"How was that club last night?" "It was a bust...just a bunch of stuck-up Scottsdale Silicone Sticks."
by gonepostal42 June 26, 2010
To perform non-essential but somewhat productive tasks to avoid the real work you should be doing
I didn't feel like doing my taxes so I protaskinated by sorting through my junk mail.
by gonepostal42 April 02, 2010
equivalent to "cunt", derived from the expression "see you next Tuesday"
N ext
T uesday

Typically but not necessarily used in a derogatory or disdainful manner. May also simply be another euphemism for "vagina".
"I ate her out for half an hour and she didn't let me fuck her...What a Tuesday"
by gonepostal42 August 31, 2008

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