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Ailment suffered by women who can't keep their legs closed.
Stephanie suffers from Open Leg Syndrome.
by Gollum May 17, 2006
Word for someone with a penis so small that it takes a pair of tweezers to tug him him off.
Kenny's microdick caused his girlfriend to laugh hysterically.
by Gollum May 17, 2006
Little blonde wife wannabe that does nothing but bitch and complain.
Stephanie was such a nagger that her husband choked the life out of her.
by Gollum May 17, 2006
A bout of diarrhea that burns so bad that the hair on you asshole gets singed. When your asshole becomes a blowtorch.
I had a deadly bout of volcano shits last night.
by Gollum May 24, 2006
Event that usually takes place at a large retail store. Occurs when the store is overrun by little old ladies in power scooters who either attempt to run you over or situate themselves in the middle of aisleways so they can chit chat with other Granny 500 participants, preventing anybody else from being able to travel down that particular aisle.
I went to Wal Mart yesterday and the Granny 500 was going on again.
by Gollum May 30, 2007
A group of short people or a group of mexicans.
Stephanie's family was so short that the invitations to her family reunion read "Munchkin Convention."
by Gollum May 24, 2006
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