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What Facebook or other social networks become after adding people who aren't necessarily your friend, just to see more photos or information about them. Usually done to plug holes of emptiness in your life.
Person A: Since when are Shelly and Fran friends? They just met at the party last night, but didn't even talk.

Person B: Fran is pretty infamous for using Facebook as a frencyclopedia.
by golduck March 09, 2010
A play on the term graphical user interface, used to describe a poorly designed or hard to navigate user interface
I can't use a flip phone after using a smartphone, I get lost in their crapical user interface.

Government websites always look like they were designed in the 90's and built for IE, quite the crapical user interfaces
by golduck March 28, 2013
The inability to pass a bowel movement on a toilet that isn't your toilet at home
Just looking at the Starbucks toilet made me throne sick.

I can only travel one week at a time because I get throne sick.
by golduck December 15, 2011

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