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a 12-16 year old, hangs outside macdonalds with his 'crew' of 'homees' as if they own the place wearing a baseball hat at a 90 degrees angle, a england shirt or polo shirt , (winter) a light blue tracksuit, of course black addidas tracksuit bottoms, white trainers and LOADS of jewlery 'bling'. if you take a slight glance they think you are looking for fight or some sort of trouble they will shout insults untill the person walks towards them, then the run off and continue to shout insults into the air. chavs hate people who dont lsiten to the trashy rap,garage,hardcore, R&B you are classed as a 'neek' 'grundger' or 'EMOOO' even thoguh there is nothing wrong with these type of people. HELP THE NATION..KILL A CHAV!
chav:shut up u neeks, we will bash you up blad. normal people: fuck off dirty chav!
by godvssanta August 06, 2006
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