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A term used by Hawaiians instead of 'Suck my dick.' Used to express anger. Synonymous with 'Fuck you.'
One Hawaiian: "Ho Breh, You look like shit today."
Other Hawaiian: "Hey, dig my ass k?"
by godsflesh55 December 05, 2010
Makes for an awkward moment for all parties involved.
There was a strange silence as Bill took the middle urinal between Phil and Steve.
by godsflesh55 November 17, 2010
I don't care whether my cup's half full or empty, I just wanna know who the hell's been drinkin my beer!
John was pissed because he had a half full/empty cup of beer.
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010
The combination of these words create something you would rather not have in your hair. Saying these four words quickly will reveal a boner hair which would be unpleasant to posses anywhere other than in your pants. Please don't allow yourself to have a bow in your hair.
"Dude you have a bow in your hair."
"Ugh, that's so nasty. I gotta get rid of it now.
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010
An individual who does not spell their name like most others, rather, has the word for skin in it, making a verb. Flesher may mean several things: 1.One who fleshes things by taking the skin off of them. 2.A butcher. 3.A person who uses their 'flesh/meat' for outstanding sex. Or 4.A person who kicks someone's ass. See also flesh.
1. "See that there inbred? He done be a Flesher. He skins people alive and done eat em he does."
2. The Flesher's market is on the corner of Main and 3rd.
3. "That girl's gonna be so excited when she finds out I'm a Flesher. She'll invite me to her place for sure!"
4. "I wouldn't mess with that guy. He's a Flesher."
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010
Spanish for douchebag. Literal translation: shower bag.
Tu eres una bolsa de ducha.
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010
*Very Controversial*
Can be either religious or sexual:

Religious: God's flesh is sacred. Similar to Jesus' flesh. Very holy and should be regarded above all else.

Sexual: A penis worthy of God's approval. Usually large but proportional.
Godsflesh should be considered very holy and sacred.

So many women want me. I got Godsflesh down there.
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010

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