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5 definitions by gods_secretary

Another word for Google.
Teacher: "And where did you find this information for your essay?"

Student: "The Desert"
by gods_secretary June 24, 2011
The Lord of all Guardian Triangles.

Also known as "Pytho"

He is respected very simillarly to Lord Voldemort, as people are afraid of the Pythagorean Therom powers that this almighty Lord of the Triangles has.

People are generally scared of anything mathematical as once they start thinking about Pythagorean equations, their souls are slowly taken away.
Hippie: "Have you prayed to Lord Pythagoras yet?"

Lawyer: "I don't have to, lawyers don't have souls remember?"
by gods_secretary June 24, 2011
When Guardian Angels have been taken over by floating triangles, in which only spiritual people can see.

They come in transparent, glowing colours of blue and green. They contain faces and angel wings, and their role is that of a normal guardian angel...except they're triangles.
Spiritual child: "May your Guardian Triangle watch over you."

Pedestrian: "So my guardian angel is a triangle now?"
by gods_secretary June 24, 2011
Tri: coming from the word "Triforce"

When someone who is obsessed with Zelda, automatically thinks that any triangular object they look at must be THE TRIFORCE.


Normal person: "No, that's a slice of pizza... you're so f*cking Tri-obsessed."
by gods_secretary June 24, 2011
Originally formed from the word “Astral Projection”

The act of ejaculating whilst trying to complete a successful Out of Body Experience (AKA “OBE”).

(Can also be worded as "Astral Projaculation" or "Astral Projaculating")
Dude: "Last night, I was trying to escape my physical body, then suddenly I Astral Projaculated."

Dude's friend: "You must have been prettyyyy relaxed man, lucky your mum didn't walk in."
by gods_secretary June 24, 2011