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the extent of being a mac
" that was some major macage last night man "
by godless15 December 07, 2009
an imperial unit of macage named after the infamous don juan during the spanish colonization of mexico, or just the movie.

don juans are just based on a scale of 1 to don juan (being 100) on how much of an ego you had to put up to seem worthy of what ever girl or girls you are after.

the conversion rate for don juans to neils is about 69 to 13
" that girl made me get up at least 75 Don Juans before she gave me her number"
by godless15 December 07, 2009
a unit of macage named after the infamous Neil Patrick Harris based on the metric system. The Neil is the amount of macage it takes to get a girl, with hotness rated at 1 (out of ten), to give you her number.

13 Neils converts to about 69.89 Don Juans
" That girl took at least 70 Neils to hook up with"

" He macked a full kiloNeil to go out with her"
by godless15 December 09, 2009

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