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242 definitions by god

A fat plain Latina woman who through extensive publicity and lots of makeup has weaseled her way into popular culture.
A phony who pretends she is of the people
J.Lo is a ho!
by god July 18, 2003
To hang out, but in a very relaxed atmosphere
I chilled with Jamie the other night, it was very nice
by god October 19, 2002
An extremely confident italian person who plays poker, steals stuff, etc. Goes to the gym all the time,likes gettin drunk and hitting on people with his friends (usually poor but very loyal)
the Guitto stole a deck of cards and poker chips from walmart.
by God January 09, 2005
When a women's nipple becomes aroused and reaches a lenght of over 4 inches, it therefore declared a nipple cock.
Yo man!! look at Sally's nipple cock!! It's shooting out milk!!

As soon as he rubbed my boobies, I grew intense nipple cocks everywhere.
by God December 07, 2004
a secret experiment of the governments doing that is a supersmart towel that is constantly baked.
by god October 13, 2003
misspelling of "bukake". Bukake is a Japanese sexual act where multiple men ejaculate all over a female.
Originally used to socially and emotionally destroy a female after infidelity, it has now become a favorite among people around the world.
asian bukake, american bukake, euro bukake... its all the same...
by God December 29, 2004