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a demon that has sex with you when you are sleeping
the incubus visited her last night.
by goaway May 04, 2003
A shady young person whom lives or frequents a homeless shelter in the evenings and proceeds to hang around aimlessly or often disruptively until the Shelter reopens.

Scantily dressed teen girls with muffin tops and tramp stamps exposed. Overly thuggish guys with bad teeth and no future.

Underage girls yelling about performing sexual favors back forth across a street.
"The group of shelties is hanging outside the library again begging for change from old people."

"There is another pregnant sheltie having a smoke on her way to the liquor store"

"Tell that sheltie to put a shirt on and stop yelling, he's scaring the kids"
by Goaway June 14, 2013

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